Let Me Teach You
What Nobody Else

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Let Me Teach You
What Nobody Else Knows

If you’re not grabbing the golden opportunity to take centre stage, whether virtually or in person, you’re missing the chance to win much more business.

If you’re not grabbing the golden opportunity to take centre stage, whether virtually or in person, you’re missing the chance to win much more business.

We are now living in what I call, The ‘Televisual Age’ and are effectively all Broadcasters, presenting through a monitor (TV screen). It is essential therefore that you create presentations that are engaging, enlightening and entertaining. Yes, entertaining.

Post the Pandemic, even though we are now meeting face to face, many networking activities are still being carried out remotely via Zoom and the myriad of other online video conferencing facilities.

This gives you the opportunity to get your products and services to a wider audience, in fact, a worldwide audience.

So, don’t leave things to chance.
Why waste your precious time getting less than you deserve from your talks?

Let me teach you what nobody else knows, the secrets of how to ‘sell’ your products, services, and yourselves on Zoom and in the room.

I sold £ millions of pounds worth of products for major brands on QVC The Shopping Channel and taught others to do the same.

Those same processes I used then I use to coach clients now and are even more relevant for both online and in live networking and pitching situations.




Public Speaker






Master your sales skills with Dexter Moscow


Today it is not enough to be excellent at what you do. Today you must be a Master Communicator.

To be an expert in Influence and Persuasion, to present with Power and Impact. People hate being sold they love being informed.

Based on my experience working and training in Advertising, the Property Industry, The Professions, Retail and on Television let me show you how to win the business you deserve.


Stand Up & Sell

Stand Up and Sell takes you through business win­ning processes that Dexter has used to sell £millions worth of products on QVC The Shopping Channel and taught others to do the same.

A Voyage without My Father

A personal and social history of coping with personal loss spanning seven decades.


The 7 Keys to a P.E.R.F.E.C.T Presentation

The essential elements of a business winning sales presentations on Zoom or in the room.

7 Keys to a PERFECT presentation

Little Red Book of Dexter’s QVC Selling Secrets

A how to guide to create compelling selling content for your pitches and sales conversations.

Mental Fitness – The Key to Your Success

“You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.” Marcus Aurelius (Stoic)

The only thing we have control over is how we react to any given situation. As with our Physical Fitness so with our Mental Fitness.

There is so much talk about Resilience let’s explore what that actually means. When you approach a problematic business or personal situation, what are the voices you hear in your head?

Are they unhelpful ‘inner critics’ sitting like a ‘mocking raven’ on your shoulder chirping negativity into your ear causing you stress, anxiety and procrastination?

Are they continually limiting your business activity and focus as they constantly nag at you for not being good enough?

Telling you you’re not worthy, will make a fool of yourself or fail like you have done before and sabotage your success. If this sounds familiar, let me offer you a better, more positive perspective.

It will enable you to see whatever problems you face as a “gift”, an “opportunity to learn” and a “way to enhance” your personal and financial wellbeing.

As with our physical strength, so with our mental strength, we need a workout regime.

Creating a Workout Regime

Based on Neuroscientific research and as practitioners of Positive Intelligence let me show you:

  1. How to turn the volume down on your debilitating self-talk.
  2. How, as with physical fitness, you can strengthen your mental fitness.
  3. How to change your perspective on the problems and negative situations that frustrate your growth.
  4. How in these challenging times you will leave the session with renewed motivation and a way forward.

Let’s explore 4 key elements to ensure you achieve Peak Performance for your business and personal goals in .

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