About Dexter

Yes, my name really is Dexter Moscow! I know it sounds made up, but it really is the name that’s on my birth certificate.

It certainly would be a great stage name and although I’ve yet to realise my childhood dream to appear as a leading man on the silver screen, a considerable amount of my practical selling experience comes from my many years appearing in front of the camera on QVC The Shopping Channel selling £millions of products for major technology companies and other notable retailers.

In addition to my onscreen appearances, for 16 years I worked behind the camera as their Chief Guest Trainer coaching and training guest presenters and celebrities to excel at the art of ‘selling on telly’. In effect selling to an invisible audience.

This experience of, how to create a compelling selling proposition, informs my approach to sales coaching and communication in the corporate arena. I have also been an estate agent and my early career was in advertising working for an agency with Mafia connections.

As a speaker I talk on several topics relating to communication, selling, influence and persuasion and present on TV, to corporates, at symposiums and at conferences.

The same processes and frameworks I used when coaching others how to sell on TV are the same when we are seeking to get our message across.

I have written a book on the subject called Stand Up and Sell that enables those who follow these tried and tested processes to be more effective in their sales and presenting activities.

As a trained voice over I have also been the ‘voice of god’ at award functions. My claims to fame are having popcorn thrown at me by Julia Roberts in Notting Hill, being sworn at by Kate Winslet in Branner’s Hamlet and my life as a background artist. Also, various other anecdotes about my work with Nigella Lawson, Lulu, and others and what goes on behind the scenes at QVC.


Enabling individuals to stand out from the crowd and gain greater recognition to further their career and promotional prospects. Coaching individuals to attain greater success in business presentations by imbedding confidence building attitudes and tried and tested ‘sales’ processes.

Working 1-2-1 with executives to elevate their leadership abilities, achieve a more dynamic, influential and motivating personae.

A selection of client companies: –

LEGO. College of Occupational Therapists, GTA University Guernsey, Ernst and Young, Mercedes, Mothercare, E.L.C International, Marks and Spencer, Pinsent Masons, DSH Accountants, Colliers CRE, British Land, SIMA, Women in Banking and Finance, QVC, East London Business Place, Richmond Events, Sobell Rhodes.


A short note to thank you for excellent course earlier this week. My key take-aways were:

Confirmation that ‘entertaining’ is an essential part of presenting – I have always believed so, but countered by many po-faced people who think it is inappropriate…

Reinforcing my long-held belief that the use of endless PowerPoint slides is actually damaging and

Providing structure around presenting and giving labels to things I have used (stories / props / pattern interrupt) so that I can be more disciplined with them

Director, CS Channel Islands
What problem both personal and professional needed to be resolved? Here at Mothercare, we were on the hunt for an external training resource to help us improve the selling skills of our buyers and merchandisers during annual presentations to our franchise partners, to increase international franchise sales.

He introduced different ideas to calm the nerves of the BMR teams as well as defined different processes to help create an emotional connection with the audience and to take the audience on a journey. He challenged the team to think outside the box on all levels to create an engaging environment for the franchise partners, and stood by them the whole way through. In the end we saw a 2% uplift over our projections, a 12 point upswing versus a
-10% match from the prior franchise conference.

This is an incredible achievement of our BMR team, and we look forward to working with Dexter in the future with more of our internal departments to help increase our franchise business.

Baden Demetrius MBA, Mothercare

Rob Hudson, Head of Finance Europe, British Land

Baden Frosen, Head of Learning and Development, Mothercare


The 7 Keys to a P.E.R.F.E.C.T Presentation

The essential elements of a business winning sales presentations on Zoom or in the room.

7 Keys to a PERFECT presentation

Little Red Book of Dexter’s QVC Selling Secrets

A how to guide to create compelling selling content for your pitches and sales conversations.