Are you maximizing your networking opportunities?

Are you presentations gaining you the recognition you deserve?

Are you gaining the promotions you need?

Why work the room when you can command it.

Take this 20 question Presentation Assessment Questionnaire

1Do your presentations end with a clear call to action? 
2Are you able to control your nerves? 
3Do you connect emotionally with your audience? 
4Have you clearly defined goals when networking? 
5Are you aware if your audience is getting bored? 
6Do you really know what your audience wants to
7Do you use an alternative to power point
when presenting?
8Do you ever use flip charts to create dynamic impact? 
9Is your message as focused as it should be? 
10When networking have you a 30 second commercial? 
11Do you have a 2 minute elevator pitch? 
12Do you use storytelling to make my point? 
13I never read from my slides? 
14In meetings do you deliver your opinions with
15Can you quantify the effect of your presentations? 
16Do you have a framework for your presentation? 
17Can you make a speech with a few moments notice? 
18Do you have a method to keep your audience engaged? 
19Do you read from your notes? 
20Does your last slide reinforce your key message? 
 SCORE 1 = Rarely 10 = Always 

If your score is mostly more than 6 well done.

If your scores are below 5 we need to talk.

For free half hour coaching discussion scan and return your results to: