Books by Dexter Moscow

Stand Up & Sell

Stand Up and Sell takes you through business win­ning processes that Dexter has used to sell £millions worth of products on QVC The Shopping Channel and taught others to do the same.

A Voyage without My Father

A personal and social history of coping with personal loss spanning seven decades.

This is a self-help book dealing with grief. It charts my journey, over 7 decades, of how I dealt with the loss of my father when I was just 10, the impact of which affected me much later in my life.

It offers insights for others to help them move from Grief to Growth to Gratitude.

At that time children were not allowed on hospital wards and therefore was not able to see my father to say goodbye. A situation that so many families will experience because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

This connects with my work with Positive Intelligence. As a practitioner I guide my clients through a 6-week course so that they realise their peak performance and mental fitness both personally and professionally.

This app-based programme allows us to turn down the volume on those negative voices in our heads and recognise them as not relevant tour growth.


The 7 Keys to a P.E.R.F.E.C.T Presentation

The essential elements of a business winning sales presentations on Zoom or in the room.

7 Keys to a PERFECT presentation

Little Red Book of Dexter’s QVC Selling Secrets

A how to guide to create compelling selling content for your pitches and sales conversations.