What do we do when we are full of self-doubt, anxiety and worry?  How do we pull ourselves together? Here’s some ideas.

Increasingly I am reading in the press, on the news and in general conversation the concept of RESILIENCE and how important this is in relation to the challenges we are facing in our personal, financial, and business life.

It has made me reflect on what this word actually means. The dictionary definition states:

‘The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.’

OK, but how do you do this? What are the physical and mental states that you must access to make this happen?

Using RESILIENCE as an acronym, I share with you how I overcome the problems of today, develop my Mental Fitness and teach others to do the same using the processes of ‘Positive Intelligence’ developed by Shirzad Chamine Stamford University Professor.

First the acronym:













RECOGNITION – An understanding of where those negative feelings are coming from. We are born with innate abilities that our teachers’ parents and life experiences can possibly programme out of us.   

EVALUATION – What impact are those feelings having on your life. Are they preventing you from achieving your aspirations? When you approach a task are you already thinking you will fail. Is that true.

SENSORY AWARENESS – What are the voices you hear, the physical sensations you feel and the emotional reactions you are having. Knowing where those thoughts and emotions are coming from can release you from the hold, they have on you.

INTENTION – What are you going to do about those negative feelings? It has been found that a willingness to address them without reliving the actual circumstances, labelling them and acknowledging them to be false, positively changes how we react to situations.

LISTEN – Stop listening to those negative voices that tell you’re not good enough, that you will fail, that you haven’t got the talent. These voices are lying to you. Anything that causes you stress or anxiety is a lie. There is a mechanism that allows us to hear the voices and tell them to STFU.


INNOVATION – Whatever has happened in your life can be viewed from the perspective of a GIFT What are the situations that at first appeared traumatic that you overcame and when you reflect on them now, what life lesson did you learn and how can you apply them positively going forward?

ENERGY – When you view situations from the perspective of a gift it changes both your mental and physical energy positively. When you assume the physical position of feeling motivated, focussed, and strong, your mind follows.

NEUROSCIENCE – Neuroscientific research show that when you approach life with a more relaxed, empathetic, curious and laser focussed mindset you become more effective than when you just continually push yourselves to achieve.

CONFIDENCE – Develop the concept that everything happens for a reason and when you hear those negative voices in your heads that are trying to push you off course gently tell them that they have no hold on you. Know that, you can silence any thoughts that do not serve you.

Remember those situations where you were confident and effective and take a couple of minutes, eyes closed, to contemplate these times from the perspective of what you have achieved.

When you do this and stop pushing yourself and allow yourself to be pulled along by your own inner wisdom you become more relaxed, less anxious and ideas and answers to problems will come to you. 

Some of the greatest discoveries in science, philosophy and in literature have occurred when individuals such as Einstein, Isaac Newton and Mary Shelley author of Frankenstein have been in a relaxed dream state. 

EVOLUTION – These are not new concepts but are born out of empirical research, brain mapping and validated cognitive studies.  They reveal that when you are more relaxed and use the following powerful processes, you are more productive, effective and create better relationships:

Develop your Saboteurs Interceptor Muscle – Become aware and recognise those voices in your head that do not help you and quieten them.

Increase your Sage Muscle – Your Sage/wisdom is the part of you that handles challenges with a clear and calm mind, and positive emotions.   It also has access to your 5 primary powers.

Your five primary powers are:

Empathize, Explore, Innovate, Navigate, and Activate. When you access these powers, you will attract the support for your higher intentions, aspirations, and relationships, both personal and professional.

Exercise your Self-Command Muscle – Choose not to stress out over what you can’t control, push away self-doubts, recover from disappointments immediately, and spend little time in anger, regret, or blame.  When you feel those disabling thoughts entering your mind label them for the liars they are.

“No pain no gain” – “Work hard and you’ll succeed” – “I’m not as good as….”

  Developing your knowledge of the gifts you already have will afford you the power to overcome problems and find innovative way of achieving your cherished goals