Today there is a new business reality. It is not enough to be technically brilliant at what you do, you have to engage others, positively influence them and offer a compelling reason why they should do business with you.

To stay one step ahead of the competition you need something extra.

A ‘unique selling point’?

In reality there is no such thing.

How can I tell you something that might upset you?

Whatever your product, service or proposition, it is very much like everybody else’s.

So what is the only true differentiation?


In this digital age the primary means of communication to connect with customers and prospects is distant and impersonal.

You have a website; you send emails or communicate via Skype or telephone.

In essence you are selling to and invisible audience and there is little opportunity to really connect on an emotional level.

Yes I said an emotional level.

To truly influence others to do business with you it is not about what your offering is but what the pain you can resolve for them is.

People buy emotionally they decide logically.

Identify your prospects needs and target your message to that deeper understanding.

Use video to develop a personal connection, send emails that show how you have helped others, develop a 30 second commercial that creates a positive first impression that supports and connects with their deep concerns.

Seek first to understand – Then to clarify your findings – Agree terms and only then offer a solution.