I once read a comment by a reporter writing for a National Newspaper stating

” I have never learnt anything of value in a seminar”.

David Sandler an American sales training Guru who wrote the definitive sale training book “You Can’t Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike at a Seminar” would have agreed with that statement.

The title of this book is predicated on two major propositions.

1. That we need to get out there and gain some scar tissue rather than just rely on book or classroom learning. To use the principles proposed in the book and gain some experience in the real word, learn the lessons of those experiences both negative and positive and develop some muscle memory.

2. There has to be an incentive to get us off our bums and take action.

In principle I agree with these contentions indeed most of my coaching and training life is based on the belief that you can only learn by doing.

This is borne out by my experience as a user of the Sandler processes gained through my close association with Marcus Cauchi of the Sandler Sales Institute and from my training background with the Dale Carnegie organisation.

“How to win friends and Influence people” The grandfather of all self-leadership/sales-skills books voted the best business book of the Millennium.

In both cases and also in mine, processes are based on a “spaced learning” concept”, that is the method of attending an ‘in class’ session and then reporting back on a set assignment relating the experiences and war stories.

The key here is interactivity and a high level of accountability.

If you don’t do the assignments you feel ‘less than’ in the eyes of your class mates.

There is a famous Chinese quote that states.
“Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.”
This works if those attending the course have identified a compelling reason to do the work.

What happens though when the attendee is a hostage? Sent on the course because the Head of Department or Learning insists they attend.

Let me proffer an extension to this proposition to resolve the issue of not doing the assignments.

Excite me I will listen, engage with me I will learn, motivate me I will take action.

So what is this missing ingredient that turns a hostage into a participative delegate, a passive attendee to a motivated individual?

Simply put it’s MAGIC. Yes magic, not the Harry Potter type, real magic.

Since birth many of us have been mesmerised, hypnotised, fascinated by magicians and their ability to confuse, enthuse and capture out attention.

In my day it was David Burglass, David Nixon, Robert Harbin and Paul Daniels, the latter we all liked (not a lot). The greatest of all was Ali Bongo – Never heard of him? He was the man behind the scenes creating magic tricks for the others.

Today we have David Copperfield, David Blaine, Derren Brown and Penn & Teller not so much Magicians more Illusionists.

We also have Marc Paul – Who is Marc Paul?

He is a Magician and Mind Reader that I am delighted to say is my colleague and works with me injecting fun, mystery and a learning experience for major organisation in seminars, at corporate events, symposiums and conferences.

Marc and I have developed a seminar entitled the: –

The 7 Magic Keys to P.E.R.F.E.C.T. communication an acronym for a tried and tested process that we have used to sell £millions of products on QVC The Shopping Channel and taught others in many organisations to do the same.

Marks and Spencer, Davis & Hunter, Venturefest, Ernst and Young, Pinsent Mason, British Land

It identifies the following: –

Personal Impact

Emotional Connection

Right to Talk




The Company

These elements when effectively utilised enables the ‘presenter’ to create an engaging, persuasive and influential ‘selling’ proposition ensuring others are happy to take the action they desire them to take.

Working in the corporate arena I help Executive, sales teams and individuals who are seeking to be more effective and achieve clarity and advancement or to be more impactful in boardroom meetings, business pitches, interviews, sales situations and in all circumstances where they need to persuade others with power and authority.

‘Selling’ is a Broadway play performed by psychiatrists. Another David Sandler quote.

We all need to be more theatrical in our approach to ensure that we are more persuasive
with others.

If you are missing out on business opportunities, if you are fed up losing out to the competitors, if you are being passed over in the promotion stakes. Gain the upper hand and email me now for your copy of The 7 Magic keys to P.E.R.F.E.C.T. Communication and presentation.

dexter@audiencedynamics.co.uk or log on to www.audiencedynamics.co.uk

A good presentation entertains us – A great presentation moves others to take action