At every turn and in every area of our lives we are being let down by the established organisations and individuals to whom we have placed our faith and trust.

Since our Bank Managers lending discretion has been evaluated solely on a computer generated ‘readout’ rather than a relationship based on personal opinion and gut feeling we have come to realise that Bankers are not exactly our friends.

We know that their lending policy has always been focussed on the bottom line but we at least relied on their honesty.

However we now know that in fact they are have been overcharging, miss selling and in some cases been downright dishonest.

The Leaders of our Churches, Synagogues and Mosques who for decades have professed to be the epitome of chasteness, piety and good works have, like the Popes of old, been corrupted by their power and are subject to the same drives and passions as the rest of us.

They have distorted the word, misled the vulnerable in our society and clothed themselves in riches whilst so many others wander this world in rags.

The Motor Industry – As this is an unfolding story and the full extent of the emission manipulation is yet to be discovered perhaps we should be vigilant and be “taught to be cautious”.

The keepers of ‘the word’ The Media have been severely discredited and shown themselves to be partial.

They make ill-judged decisions and revert to criminality in an effort to beat each other to headline.

They develop in our society a state of fear and tell half-truths, accept information on face value and they themselves manipulate information and are manipulated by others.

Our Celebrities whom we have admired and looked up to both for their charitable work and as a role model for an aspirational lifestyle have been shown to have feet of clay.

They have manipulative in the worst possible way and have been criminal in their abuse of others.

Our Politicians…… Well we always knew what our politicians were up to but even they have stooped to new lows. Hidden policies, hidden agendas, and using popular opinion and rhetoric to gain support knowing full well that they can never achieve these aims

How can they condemn Society for abusing the system when they themselves do so?

Yet with all this there is a lesson for us as business people to learn, a means to stands out from the crowd to win more business and beat your competition.


The keys to winning more business in this competitive market are as follows

  1. Demonstrate the highest possible level of trust by illustrating that you fully understand what PAIN your clients are going through
  2. Give examples of the problems you have solved for your clients and customers. Not by what you did but the impact from their point of view
  3. What was the quantifiable result of your interventions?
  4. What were the lasting effects to their business and to them personally of your involvement

When you have demonstrated effectively every element of your success from their point of view you cease to become just another supplier.


As Maya Angelou said: –

“People may forget what you said,

They may forget what you did,

They will never forget how you made them feel.