73 Runs to win the game, 1 more wicket to lose the Ashes.

By now acres of words have been written and numerous interview given concerning the miraculous, courageous, and historic innings that Ben Stokes achieved against all odds to win for England the 3rd Test and prevent, for now, the loss of the Ashes to Australia.

What interests me is not only that he did what he did, but what it took to achieve it and the manner of him doing it.

Yes, an unshakable belief and mindset that loosing was not an option, the skill and inventiveness to make it happen and for me this is the key. LEADERSHIP.

Directing, motivating and sustaining Somerset’s Jack Leach’s confidence to stay with him, block where necessary, run 1 when asked, run 2 when it was needed to get Stokes on strike.

Stokes seemed to be the epitome of a Jedi Master. Using the cheers of the crowd, the urging of his team mates and the energy that was all around him. Use the force Ben.

So effective was this palpable energy that we were all caught up in it and started to believe.

It caused the opposing team to make mistakes and even the Umpire was mesmerised by the magic that Stokes was weaving. As with Obi Wan Kenobi when entering Mos Eisley, “These are not the droids you’re looking for” “That was not the LBW you witnessed”.

But a warning, with great personal power comes great personal responsibility. No more drunken brawls outside Nightclubs Mr Stokes you are a role model to the young people of the land.

Wear your responsibility as an Influential Leader well.

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