father-bookOne courageous man has faced decades of mental health and dared to share his devastating story so others may find light and hope. Similarly, because of the pandemic and the resulting lockdown, many people are also facing the darkness of grief, forcing them to find a way to come to terms with their loss, just like him. Dexter Moscow, 74, from Hendon, London, has published his new book, A Voyage Without My Father, a personal and social history of coping with the parental loss spanning seven decades.

As a young boy growing up without his father cheering him on at sports day, witnessing him marrying the love of his life and becoming a father, unexpected anger, loss and regret came crashing down decades later in fatherhood. Many people worldwide can relate to his grief because of the unexpected loss of loved ones due to Covid-19.

The passage of time allowed Dexter to face his loss and find solutions to his mental health issues, gaining insight, skills, and understanding of grief’s trauma. The healing passage turns grief – growth – gratitude.

Through his story, played out in scenes not chapters, Dexter is compelled to help people, particularly men, who have experienced the death or loss of a parent when they were young. His mission is to highlight how it can adversely affect our entire lives when left unprocessed and offer strategies for overcoming its debilitating grip.

“It’s a mental health issue,” says Dexter. “I am compelled to highlight the traumas I experienced and offer their life lessons, processes and strategies that have helped me overcome the personal pain and regret of losing a loved one. My journey has provided tools to cope with these experiences and emotions.” 

Dexter wrote his book after being encouraged by many of his family and friends to share his powerful lessons. His frank, moving, and funny memories will offer those suffering from unexpected loss: compassion, empathy and inspire them to find the courage and take the first step to their recovery, knowing that the sun still shines after the darkness.

Why he is keen to help men in particular? “Because men don’t talk about such things.”

Dexter Moscow is a Keynote Speaker, Influencing Skills Coach and former QVC TV Presenter and Trainer. Dexter today works with a diverse range of high‐level clients and his first book, Stand Up & Sell, shows people how to become more persuasive and influential, when it really matters. Dexter is married, has identical twin sons and 4 grandchildren, and lives in London.