I recently attended a fascinating panel discussion organised by Centuro Global.

The panel was made up of angel investors and serial entrepreneurs:

Peter Cowley – Who founded 14 businesses in technology and construction

Tuba Terekli – Who founded the 1st accelerator program in Saudi & the Saudi Fast Growth list.

Nicholas Russell – A serial entrepreneur from Silicon Valley

Joshua Romisher, CFA – A serial entrepreneur and former US banker.

They discussed what they would look for when approached for funds and what impresses investors.

The key traits they seek in start-ups and in the founders are:

Trust – Integrity – Grit – Adaptability.

Also apart from an impressive business model, if you can show you can weather a storm and have suffered setbacks or, as Samuel Beckett put it, ‘Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.

The key for me was a comment Nicholas made, ‘remember when your pitching for financial support you are in fact in a selling situation and the first thing your selling is yourself. You are the product

Topics covered included :
The investor perspective over the last 3 months –
What investors look for in entrepreneurs
How to approach investors, amongst a host of other valuable themes
In case you missed it or would like to re-watch, you can view the
recording here.