Not only are our emotions mauled by The X Factor we now have to contend with a no skill, no talent non educational game of chance that taps in to the lowest common denominator and basest feelings of avarice and envy.

I wanted to look away but I could not. It was like watching Arnold Schwarzenegger in the futuristic film Running Man where alleged convicts were pitted against ‘in house’ gladiators. If the convicts out ran the gladiators they were set free. The baying crowds bet on the outcome and the studio audience were whipped into frenzy by the shows host. (Ant and Dec what have you got involved in)???

However in the film there was a devious conspiracy going on behind the scenes and all that the television company was interested in was the ratings. Nothing new there then>

In no way to I condone the action of those cretins who looted the business of honest people but what kind of message do these programmes send out to kids when a £million can be won purely by chance rather than being won through effort or brain power. At lease with the X Factor talent is recognised and ultimately applauded.

What really concerned me was the fact that the losers went into paroxysms of grief, tears and loss as they made the wrong decisions and went out.

To paraphrase a line from Monty Python’s film The Life of Brian. “They went into the ‘game’ with nothing and ended up with nothing, so what have they lost NOTHING.

Thank goodness for the Olympic Games. At least then we will see dedication and hard work rewarded.