In this time of great concern about our jobs, skills sets, business acumen and ability to withstand the rigours of the credit crunch I thought a message of encouragment would not go amiss.

What is the reason or reasons some people succeed against all odds whilst others fail (whatever that may mean).

Well it appears there are 8 key reasons.

One day a girl on a plane asked Richard St. John, “What really leads to success?” But even though he achieved success, he couldn’t tell her how he did it. To answer her question he spent 10 years interviewing over 500 successful people, including Martha Stewart, Richard Branson, Russell Crowe, and the Google founders. After analyzing all the data, Richard discovered the 8-Traits that lead to great success.

This video explains it all and stands as a lesson for us all to learn.

Richard St. John: Secrets of success in 8 words, 3 minutes

Here’s to great success for 2009