A universal truth people by emotionally they decide logically.

What are the stories you can tell that taps into their emotions first.

The Fibre Optic Angel with Detachable Wings, a case study…..

An extract taken from The MOSCOW Method  – How to Sell Yourself Without Selling  – Chapter 9 

If you’re not passionate about what you do, how can you make others passionate about it?

This may appear obvious, but how many of us have seen presentations where the presenter was not fully engaged with their topic and it came across as lackluster and unconvincing?

The phrase that comes to mind is “If you are really excited about what you’re saying – tell your face.” In other words let your feelings show, it helps your audience to engage emotionally.

I was working at QVC the Shopping Channel during the run up to Christmas selling various products and decorations.

On this occasion I was asked to sell a fibre optic angel standing some three feet tall with wings that could be removed for ease of storage.

In truth, I was not personally enamored by the effigy, so how could I sell this with passion and excitement?

I considered what the best way I could present it was and this is how the sell went.

“Many people believe in Guardian Angels, that they are being looked after by loved ones and it is part of their faith”.

“At this time of year it is comforting to feel that there may be someone looking out for us and this beautiful colourful figurine is the embodiment of that belief.”

We had 50 to sell at £35 each and in 4 minutes we sold out. Approaching £450 per minute? Not bad.

The lesson here is that, if you are not sold yourself, put yourself in your audience’s shoes. See it from their perspective, understand what is happening in their world and be excited for them.

A warning though: not everybody will be impressed, especially friends.

This is a true story I tell in my workshops.

I returned home from the studio at 3 in the morning as the last show had gone out live at 2 am. I noticed the light on the answer machine was flashing.
I picked up the receiver pressed the button to hear “Dex (splutter, guffaw, uncontrolled laughter) Angel – pause – “Detachable wings” – more laughter and incomprehensible words, further pause, “Here’s Colin”.

Then in a more measured tone, “Dex? If an Angel has detachable wings”, pause for effect, “How the F… can it fly?” The message ended amid more laughter.

Some people have no soul.