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Led by author and sales guru Dexter Moscow

About this Event

Why should you join us?

• Are you gaining the result you need from your networking activities?

• Are your pitches and presentations winning you the business you deserve?

• Are you maximising your time in front of prospects?

In this challenging economic environment, speaking at company away days, in board meetings and in business pitching situations offers an unrivalled opportunity to stand out from the crowd and motivate your team, ‘sell’ your proposition and impress colleagues and attract more clients to your business.

Where else do you get the chance to talk to a room full of people?

However, although packed full of potential, these opportunities don’t always deliver.

This workshop will help attendees identify exactly what their audience wants and then deliver it in a way that not only feels natural and comfortable but ends with motivated prospects, executives and teams leaving the room fired up and ready to take the action you desire them to take.

We will explore the misconceptions and mistakes that rob many presentations of their impact.

Why this course?

This ½ day session is a highly interactive, practical workshop that will enable you to excel at business pitching, presenting and speech making. To help you get your ideas, products or services to a wider audience.

To present tried and tested processes that will enable you to Prepare – Structure – Create and Deliver business winning presentations.

What will you gain?

You will leave with a clear understanding of how to create and confidently deliver a clear, succinct, engaging, entertaining, enthralling, audience focused, business winning presentation, pitch or speech.

We will work through principles, frameworks and techniques encapsulated in Dexter’s book Stand Up and Sell incorporating The MOSCOW Method – How to Sell Yourself Without Selling


• An insight into the prime motivations for people to buy anything?

• An understanding how people receive and perceive information.

• How to develop a compelling 30 second commercial.

• The 4 Cornerstones of presentation creation.

• A framework to create impactful and relevant stories.

• A process to Identify your successes

• The 3 Strategic Pillars of a business winning presentation.

Presenter’s Profile

Dexter is passionate about coaching people to excel in their business winning activities. He loves seeing that light bulb moment when they just ‘get it’.

For 16 years he was QVC The Shopping Channel’s chief guest trainer coaching individuals how to sell their products to an invisible audience.

He also appeared live, presenting and selling £millions worth of products for major brands.

This experience informs his unique approach to corporate communication, selling ideas and influencing skills.

As a speaker and business coach, those working with him attending his presentations and sales courses have gained heightened communication abilities, new insights and increased confidence in ‘selling’, themselves and their business proposition.

He coaches clients at the highest level in diverse sectors – Finance, Retail, Property, Advertising, Sales, and Entertainment.

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what others have said:

“Brilliant session and really pleased it is being re-run for those who unfortunately missed it. May even go again!” Graham Le Gall – The Wedding Speech Coach

“Recently attended Dexter’s Masterclasses. It was most engaging, interesting and enlightening workshop. He shared some great insights and tips that I have put into practice to great effect. Attend one of his Masterclasses and do so without delay”. Dan Rhodes – Strategic branding and marketing.

“A morning well spent! I learnt a lot from Dexter and made valuable connections too.” Linda Munster Nutrition & Health Coach, Expert speaker & Author

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