In these challenging times your clients and customers are becoming exceptionally sophisticated in their ‘buying’ process.

You therefore need to differentiate yourselves from your competition and offer a compelling, engaging ‘selling’ message so that your potential ‘buyers’ choose you rather than anybody else.

The key to your personal, financial and companies success is in your ability to positively impact, influence and emotionally connect with your ‘audience’.

You also need to monitor the effectiveness of your marketing.

During the last 12 years I have sold millions of £’s worth of product for QVC The Shopping Channel, coached others to do the same and work with companies to ‘sell’ in a filmed environment.

To this end I have brought together a team of TV and presentation professionals to create TV style presentations that can sit on your own website to ‘sell whilst you’re asleep’. Sounds expensive? You would be amazed how cost effective it can be.

Have a look at the following links for a flavour of what we can do.

Technology has moved forward to such a degree that we can now film and incorporate very sophisticated tracking into the videos to enhance and monitor sales.

What’s included in the package.

We prepare you for the ‘TV’ presentation and coach you on how to make a powerful, engaging, natural sell with strong personal impact that creates an emotional connection. This is the secret to effective selling.

We develop a powerful selling strategy and ‘scripted’ interview using ‘The 4 Cornerstone of Presentation’ process.

We define encapsulated, key selling messages that are memorable and get’s people to buy.

We develop the story board.

We shoot the presentation/demos.

We edit and load the presentation to your website.

A duplication facility is available should you wish to use the DVD presentation as a direct mail campaign.

We can also if needed, host the site for you and develop an e’marketing strategy.

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