Persuasiveness or the ability to positively influence others so that they accept your point of view more readily is the key to your business and financial success.

Whether you are seeking promotion, pitching to a new client or looking for a new executive position, congruency in your presentation style will make a huge impact on your ability to “close the deal”.

How do you reduce the resistance to your ideas and projects from your staff, colleagues, stakeholders or sales teams? How do you engage and enrol your people so that they buy in to your concepts?

My belief is that our ability to influence others is dependant on how comfortable we are in using the myriad of communication technologies available to us today.

From flip charts to power point – from video conferencing to webcasting – the further you are from your ‘Audience’ the easier it is for the message to be misunderstood.

My company, Audience Dynamics, is committed to enable individuals and teams to be more effective in 1 -2 1, at the ‘front of the room’ and in the filmed environment

We need to know, however what the specific challenges you face today are.

What are those communication and influencing issues that keep you awake at night?